Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Justice League Dark Movie Review in 10 Points

Justice League Dark Movie Review in 10 Points

Justice League Dark has been released for a week now and this is our take on it.
Now before you continue on reading, keep in mind that I am not a fan of Batman, or any of his friends, but i'll try to be fair. ( GO TEAM MARVEL )
Also, i'll try to keep this spoiler free as much as possible, but i can't promise anything.

Too Much Batman

The movie shouldn't have had a Batman to begin with, let alone him being the focus of some of the scenes. However I think that his impact was minimal on the final outcome which is a solid plus point. 

The CGI Is Too Much

Yes, the animation was cool, the fights are amazing, but why isn't the CGI animated fluidly? But, I think that we can overlook this part.

Great Team, Not So Great Villain 

It depends whether we're talking about the main villain, the other main villain or the guy who was actually the main villain.
All in all, even though we didn't get enough story we got amazing fights and chilling scenes.
Gates of Babylon, anyone?

We Got Swamp Thing

The title says it all, we got swamp thing, I did fanboy a little and he was so badass, one of the reasons to watch the movie. but....

Not Enough Swamp Thing 

Why didn't they swap all the Batman allocated time and gave it to Swamp Thing? his appearances were short, however his fight scene in the final minutes was so intense and definitely my mark out moment in the movie.

Where Is The Plot?

It was pretty linear and we could say divided in 3 parts. Something happens, team unites, fight the bad guy, fight again. But it was still better than any of the DC animated movies in the last 2 years.

Matt Ryan

Matt Ryan reprises his role as John Bloody Constantine, and that's about it, he continues his, said legacy, to perfection. This portrayal isn't well different from his older ones, and we should just keep hoping to see him reprise the role in a live-action adaptation soon.

The Rating

The movie was Rated-R, something that didn't convince me, it could've been easily rated as PG-13, but i guess that the few death and gory scenes, keyword here is few, are what made it more oriented for mature audiences.

DC Finally On Track

I can't stress enough how much of a good job DC has finally done with its assets, some might say that this is a direct answer to Marvel's Dr.Strange and/or The Avengers, but honestly, I don't care, cause I am loving it.

Introduction To The JLD?

After a big series of disappointment that is the DC animated universe, we finally have something worth watching.
I haven't enjoyed an animated movie since Flashpoint: Paradox. Yes I might be enthusiastic about them, but I had hopes for JL vs Teen Titans and Throne of Atlantis.

It's only fair to say that this movie was a good start to the year, and hopefully we'll see more of these guys in the future.

Unlimited Blade Works?


  1. So now, there's 20% less chance for me to watch this.. I hope you get to like other movies in the future

    1. why won't you watch this? cause i did enjoy it